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Tailored care for the highest expectations

Cosmetic products must achieve a great deal: clean gently, provide lasting moisture, revitalise or calm all while being compatible with skin. The different types of skin must also be taken into account to provide optimal skin care results.


The choice of nonwoven materials and impregnating solutions is matched to the needs of different skin types. Our product portfolio includes, for example, facial cleansing wipes for dry, mixed and sensitive skin or wipes that include special impregnating solutions for problem skin such as acne or atopic eczema.


Our eye make-up remover pads are increasingly in demand. They easily and effectively remove even waterproof eye make-up.


Nail polish remover pads and wipes are also highly popular. They are ready to use and remove nail polish quickly and completely.


Our innovative textile masks made of nonwoven fabric are in vogue and highly effective, allowing fast and simple application of the active substance combinations.


The active substances are applied evenly to skin through the impregnated nonwoven fabric. Due to the occlusion effect the concentration of active substances released to the skin is higher than with conventional masks.


The skin compatibility of all our formulations has been dermatologically proven. We also provide impregnating solutions that have been recommended by Öko-Test and Stiftung Warentest or certified by NATRUE. If requested we can also offer ophthalmological test reports.


We are also happy to develop products in line with your requirements: free of perfume, alcohol or preservatives or with vitamins, revitalising essences or anti-ageing active substances.


Below is a sample of products from our current range:

  • Facial cleaning and make-up remover wipes
    • for normal skin
    • for dry and sensitive skin
    • for oily and combination skin
    • for skin problems (such as acne, neurodermatitis)
    • comply with the NATRUE natural cosmetic standards
  • Exfoliating wipes
  • Self-tanning wipes
  • Textile masks for 
    • face
    • hands
    • feet
    • eyes
    • décolletage
  • Make-up remover pads
  • Nail polish remover pads or wipes