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Reliable protection against microorganisms and pathogens

Every year when the flu season starts, people remember once more just how important hygiene is. Good hygiene helps to defend against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


There is a growing demand for products that reliably and effectively protect against microorganisms and pathogens in our increasingly mobile society. Make the most of this trend and establish user-friendly products that offer reliable protection against diseases on your shelves.


Based on our many years of experience as a manufacturer for the medical sector, we have products for hygiene and disinfection that comply with the most stringent requirements. Both on skin and surfaces, they work quickly and safely against bacteria, fungi and even viruses.


We not only have extensive knowledge of the European Biocidal Products Regulation, which was introduced in 2013, and its impact on the marketing of products, we also produce a range of compliant formulas with the relevant certificates. We can consequently offer our customers an authoritative claim for the antibacterial and disinfectant action of wet wipes.

Our product range for reliable and safe use at home and on the move:

  • Disinfectant wipes for hands and surfaces
  • Disinfectant hand gel
  • Disinfectant spray for hands and surfaces
  • Disinfectant washing foam
  • Disinfectant foot spray and wipes
  • Antibacterial and disinfectant multi-purpose wipes
  • Antibacterial and disinfectant floor wipes
  • Disinfectant toilet cleaning wipes
  • Disinfectant refrigerator cleaning wipes
  • Limescale removal wipes with disinfectant action
  • Mobile phone and tablet cleaning wipes