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Professional care for stressed skin

With our brands, Dr. Schumacher and Desomed, we are the expert partner for well over 4,000 aged care facilities, welfare centres and mobile care services.


The demand for professional care will continue to grow in coming years, primarily driven by demographic changes. The number of older people is rising rapidly which will also lead to a greater need for care in the future.


Most of those people requiring care will be looked after at home by relatives or mobile nursing staff. This is why we are convinced that the demand for professional care products will also increase in health and beauty stores and the grocery retail sector. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products to meet this demand.


Our products are not only effective but they are also particularly gentle on the skin and easy to use. Stressed and sensitive skin in particular needs special care. Our skin care creams, washing products and cleaning wipes provide optimal care for sensitive skin and protect it against drying.


Because the elderly are more susceptible to infections, our products provide effective protection against diseases thanks to their germ-reducing action.


  • Antimicrobial washing lotion
  • Germ-reducing cleaning wipes & washing mittens
  • Dry washing mittens
  • Special care creams (for highly stressed, very dry or irritated skin areas)
  • Gels for stimulating blood circulation
  • Incontinence care wipes