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Cleanliness & shine in the blink of an eye

Quick and easy cleaning, in between or on the move: ready-to-use cleaning wipes for fast, thorough cleaning with minimal effort.

Our broad product portfolio is suitable for many applications: from gentle cleaning wipes for delicate screens, displays and touch screens, traditional multi-purpose wipes and wipes for lenses, wipes for cleaning glass and windows to cleaning wipes for the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, furniture, leather goods and car care. We also have a range of cleaning wipes and mittens to care for household pets.


We can make every wipe with specific fragrances and properties: streak-free shine, antistatic, grease cutting, limescale or dust repellent.


Because of our extensive expertise in disinfection, we can also offer products with antibacterial or disinfecting action. We have developed a range of different formulations that comply with the European Biocidal Products Regulation that came into force in 2013, backed up by appropriate expert reports.

For packaging, we have a range of options so that we can present our customers with innovative proposals and guarantee product properties relevant to consumers along with nonwoven materials and impregnating solutions. We offer ready-to-use wet wipes not only in familiar flowpacks but also in dispensers or as mini flowpacks in display cartons ready for the shelves.

Below is a sample of products from our current range:

  • Multi-purpose wipes
  • Glass and window cleaning wipes
  • Floor cleaning wipes
  • Parquetry & laminate floor cleaning wipes
  • Kitchen cleaning wipes
  • Toilet cleaning wipes
  • Bath cleaning wipes
  • Stainless steel wipes
  • Leather care wipes
  • Furniture care wipes
  • Lens cleaning wipes
  • Screen cleaning wipes
  • Mobile phone cleaning wipes
  • Car cleaning wipes
  • Pet care wipes and washing mittens