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Antimicrobial washing lotion

  • For presurgical, antimicrobial patient washing and decontamination
  • Achieves all relevant effectiveness after 60 s
  • Bactericidal, yeasticidal, active against enveloped viruses

DECONTAMAN PRE SOFT is an antimicrobial cleansing lotion to simultaneously clean and decontaminate skin and hands.DECONTAMAN PRE SOFT is suitable for preoperative body washing and hygienic hand washing in accordance with VAH and EN 1499 as well as for wholebody washing in cases of MRSA contamination orcontamination with other multi-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (MRGN) such as Acinetobacter baumannii or vancomycinresistant enterococci (VRE). Because of the skinfriendly pH and the conditioning properties, DECONTAMAN PRE SOFT has very good skin compatibility suitable for a nourishing cleansing lotion.Through the use of DECONTAMAN PRE SOFT, the chain of infection from hand to hand during medical and nursing procedures as well as transfer to food during meal preparation can be effectively broken.
DECONTAMAN PRE SOFT can be used for skin cleansing prior to surgery or during longer periods of bed confinement. The product is free of phenols as well as alcohols and colorants.


100 g solution contain: 2.0 g chlorhexidine digluconate;
1.5 g 2-phenoxyethano

Container size DU REF
100 ml bottle 30 00-532-001E
500 ml bottle 20 00-532-005E
1 l bottle 12 00-532-010E
5 l canister 3 00-532-050E