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Antimicrobial cleansing wipes

  • Practical and quick use by highest quality nonwoven, no rinsing necessary, microwaveable
  • For presurgical, antimicrobial patient washing without water
  • Broad efficacy against bacteria including multi-resistant pathogens

DECONTAMAN PRE WIPES are ready-to-use wipes for gentle, antimicrobial cleansing of the skin. The large washing wipes are made of robust, skin-friendly non-woven fabric and are impregnated with a mild disinfectant solution containing 2% chlorhexidine. It is not necessary to rinse the skin after cleansing with DECONTAMAN PRE WIPES. Thanks to the film of active ingredient that remains on the skin as a result, 24-hour residual action against bacteria is achieved. DECONTAMAN PRE WIPES are therefore highly suitable for time-saving yet thorough cleansing of skin colonised with MRE and can also be used as part of pre-operative patient preparation.


100 g solution contain: 2 g Chlorhexidine digluconate.

Container size DU REF
flowpack 10 wipes (20 x 30 cm) 24 00-530-T010EXP1