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Hypoallergenic hand protection cream

  • Colorant and fragrance-free O/W emulsion for allergy-prone skin
  • Protects the skin from water-soluble substances. Protective effect confirmed by test methods (in accordance with TRGS 401/ABD)
  • With glycerin and lipids as well as a natural deodorizing complex with witch hazel

DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM was specially developed to protect sensitive and allergy-prone hands during daily work. The oil-in-water protective skin cream is extremely easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin. DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM leaves a smooth and well-groomed skin. DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM is suit-able for daily use prior to activities that stress skin, to protect the hands during wet work. Because of a natural deodorant complex with witch hazel and without aluminum salts, the use of DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM is recommended in particular to protect hands when wearing gloves for long periods of time. The protective effect of DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM with respect to water-soluble substances (surfactants and alkalis) was proven on trial persons according to the latest test methods. By additionally avoiding the use of fragrance, DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM meets the requirements of the German employer’s liability insurance association, the TRGS 401, as well as the AWMF (Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany) guideline for hand hygiene. It is also suitable for use in wall dispensers. For hygienically safe use of the product in a wall dispenser, a small amount of a well-tolerated preservative was added. In addition to its protective effect, DESCOLIND EXPERT PROTECT CREAM contains conditioning lipids as well as glycerin contributing to its nourishing properties.

Container size DU REF
100 ml tube 12 00-623-001-01
500 ml bottle 20 00-623-005

To be used in all medical/professional areas for the protection of hands and skin from water-soluble substances (surfactants, alkalis).