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Fragrance-free cleansing lotion - sensitive skin

  • Fragrance- and colorant-free for sensitive skin
  • With allantoin, refatting agents and glycerin
  • Mild cleansing and pH skin neutral

DESCOLIND PURE WASH is a pH skin-neutral wash lotion for the regular cleansing of sensitive hands and skin. The formulation with refatting agents and glycerin reduces drying of the skin during washing. The creamy, delicate DESCOLIND PURE WASH wash lotion cleans thoroughly and is economical to use. In addition, DESCOLIND PURE WASH is free of fragrance and colorants and is therefore suitable for use on intact and sensitive skin.

Container size DU REF
500 ml bottle 20 00-631OP-005-01
1 l bottle 12 00-631OP-010-01
5 l canister 3 00-631OP-050-01

DESCOLIND PURE WASH is perfect for cleaning the hands of people with sen-sitive skin. DESCOLIND PURE WASH is also suitable for cleaning hands before surgical or before or after hygienic hand disinfection.