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Liquid detergent cleaner for instruments and endoscopes

  • pH-neutral and gentle to materials
  • Good cleaning strength and easy to integrate
  • Fragrance-free

MANUSHIELD CLEANER is a concentrate for the thorough cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopes as well as surgical and dental/medical instruments.

As a pH-neutral and ma-terial-friendly cleaning agent, MANUSHIELD CLEANER is also perfect for cleaning flexible endoscopes. The fragrance-free formulation is surfactant-based, extremely efficient, and can be used at all water hardness levels and in ultrasonic baths. In addition, MANUSHIELD CLEANER is compatible with the following disinfectants: PERFEKTAN ENZYME, PERFEK-TAN NEU, PERFEKTAN ENDO, PERFEKTAN TB, PERFEKTAN ACTIVE, and DESCOTON EXTRA. This makes it easy to integrate MANUSHIELD CLEANER into reprocessing procedures.


5 - 15 % non-ionic surfactants, preservative: didecylmethyl poly(oxyethyl)ammonium pro-pionate.

Container size DU REF
2 l bottle 6 00-104-020E
5 l canister 3 00-104-050E