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one system BASIC

Single use wipe dispenser for filling with disinfectants

  • Compact flexible packaging with increased stability for especially easy use and fill level control
  • Filled with DESOTEX non-woven wipes for impregnation with disinfectants
  • Ready for use after 15 minutes* – also in areas with an especially high risk of infection – with a Standing Time of 42 days

ONE SYSTEM BASIC is a single use wipe dispenser system for the disinfection of medical devices and medical inventory as well as all kind of surfaces. ONE SYSTEM BASIC allows a pracical and time-saving application. The particularly handy and compact single use wipes dispenser is simple, safe, efficient and quickly ready-to-use. The user can fill the system directly with the suited disinfectant and use it after a short, 15-minute pre-impregnation time. The construction and handling is based on the usual wipes dispenser, but in a flexible and space-saving design.

ONE SYSTEM BASIC is for single use only. It does not require any reprocessing after the end of the extended standing time of 6 weeks. After exhaustion / expiration and disposal of any remaining solution, the system can be recycled.

one system BASIC
Container size DU REF
dispenser system 120 wipes (17,5 x 36 cm) 4 00-915-OSEB120-01
wall holder 1 00-902-OSB
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*In comparison with other conventional surface disinfectants with a standing time of 28 days and a impregnation time of 30 minutes, the tested VAH-listed surface disinfectants OPTISAL PLUS, BIGUANID FlÄCHE N, DESCOSEPT AF, DESCOSEPT FORTE and CLEANISEPT from Dr. Schumacher achieved a presaturation time of only 15 minutes and an increased standing time of the filled system of 42 days.