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one system PLUS

Disposable non-woven dispenser system for filling with disinfectant

  • Innovative single use wipe system for especially easy use and disposal
  • Pre-filled with DESOTEX®non-woven wipes ready for impregnation with disinfectants
  • Ready for use in 15 minutes* – also in areas with special infection risk – up to 42 days standing time

ONE SYSTEM PLUS is an innovative and proven disposable non-woven wipe dispenser system to be used as part of hygiene measures. Combined with suitable disinfectants, medical devices and medical equipment as well as surfaces of all types can be hygienically prepared.

ONE SYSTEM PLUS is quick and practical to use. The system is already fitted with a DESOTEX non-woven wipe roll so that users can carry out the required disinfection measure immediately after filling with the disinfectant and allowing to soak for 15 minutes. When used with Dr. Schumacher products, ONE SYSTEM PLUS can be used over a period of 42 days instead of the 28 days usual for other products on the market. Once the non-woven wipe roll is finished, the system is not reprocessed but can be directly disposed of after any residue is removed. ONE SYSTEM PLUS is designed for single use and prevents possible contamination resulting from reprocessing and re-use. The system is therefore suitable for use in areas with an especially high risk of infection as well as the usual areas of application in the healthcare sector.

The innovative disposable non-woven wipe dispenser system is simple, safe and efficient. The construction and handling is similar to conventional non-woven wipe dispensers but with a number of additional advantages: The dispenser opening is aligned with the non-woven wipe roll, giving the user quick access when removing the first wipe along with direct impregnation of the entire roll and the resulting shortened preparation time. The filling process was designed to be intuitive and practical for the user. There are considerably fewer steps in the process for the user. The transparent design of the system means that the filling level can be checked at a glance, making it easy to plan the supply. The dispenser with its lightweight foldable construction is made of pure polypropylene and can be flattened for disposal without any special requirements.

The DESOTEX premium non-woven fabric in the system is a tearresistant, low-linting non-woven fabric and has been extensively reviewed by experts with the recommended disinfectants.

one system PLUS
Container size DU REF
dispenser system 100 wipes (30 x 32 cm) 2 00-915-OSEE100
wall holder 1 00-902-OSP

*In comparison with other conventional surface disinfectants with a standing time of 28 days and a impregnation time of 30 minutes, the tested VAH-listed surface disinfectants OPTISAL PLUS, BIGUANID FLÄCHE N, CLEANISEPT, OPTISAL N, DESCOSEPT PUR, DESCOSEPT AF, DESCOSEPT FORTE and DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE from Dr. Schumacher achieved a presaturation time of only 15 minutes and an increased standing time of the filled system of 42 days.