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Disinfectant cleaner for instruments

  • Aldehyde-free with excellent cleaning power
  • High degree of material compatibility
  • Antibacterial and virus inactivating cleaning in one step

PERFEKTAN EXTRA is a powerful instrument cleaner with excellent cleaning power and a high degree of material compatibility. PERFEKTAN EXTRA contains very efficient corrosion-inhibitors and is free from aldehydes and phenols. Due to its excellent cleaning power, an antibacterial and virus inactivating cleaning of instruments is possible in a single step. The aldehyde-free formulation prevents protein fixation.

PERFEKTAN<sup>&reg;</sup> EXTRA

100 g solution contain: 5.63 g didecylmethyloxyethylammonium propionate. Contains: <5 % cationic surfactants, 5 - 15 % non-ionic surfactants.

Container size DU REF
250 ml bottle 20 00-144-0025
2 l bottle 6 00-144-020
5 l canister 3 00-144-050