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Aldehyde-free concentrate for instrument cleaning and disinfection

  • Aldehyde-free preparation with strong cleaning power
  • High degree of material compatibility
  • Pleasant scent

PERFEKTAN TB is an economical, materialfriendly, active-cleaning instrument disinfectant for routine clinical use. Thanks to the exceptional antimicrobial efficacy a high degree of personal protection is assured during instrument processing. PERFEKTAN TB is characterised by a pleasant smell thanks to the aldehyde-free formulation and is suitable for use on medical instruments of all kinds.

PERFEKTAN<sup>&reg;</sup> TB

100 g solution contain: 3.75 g cocospropylendiamine guanidiniumdiacetate, 5.63g didecylmethyloxyethylammonium propionate.

Container size DU REF
1 l dosage bottle 10 00-122-010
2 l bottle 6 00-122-020-01
5 l canister 3 00-122-050