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Mildly alkaline-enzymatic cleaner for machine reprocessing

  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Innovative combination of surfactants
  • Visible shine and preservation of value of instruments

THERMOSHIELD XTREME is an enzymatic, mild alkaline cleaner for automatic processing of medical and surgical instruments in washer disinfectors. A special complementary combination of surfactants with a highly active enzyme complex ensures optimal cleaning. The synergistic mechanism of action of the ingredients efficiently removes organic contamination such as proteins, blood, residual tissue and fatty residues. Yet THERMOSHIELD XTREME is especially material friendly; even sensitive materials such as anodised aluminium can be processed. The recommended working concentrations correspond to a pH of more than 10.


100g contain: 5-15 % non-ionic surfactants, enzymes.

Container size DU REF
5 l canister 3 00-170-050
10 l canister 1 00-170-100