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13 new apprentices have started in their working life at Dr. Schumacher

13 new apprentices have started in their working life at Dr. Schumacher GmbH

Malsfeld – It was only just two months ago, in July 2019, when 15 young people successfully finished their apprenticeship. Today, Dr. Schumacher GmbH is pleased to welcome 13 new apprentices together with a one-year-trainee from a technical secondary school.

The seven young men and six young women will be trained as industrial manager, office management assistant, digital and print media designer, warehouse logistics specialist and IT specialists in system integration. They will now complete the team of overall 38 trainees.

Within the next three years, they will pass through all relevant stations in the company and will so gain important insights into the tasks and processes of the respective department. As Dr. Schumacher GmbH believes in developing and recruiting young talents from its own ranks, the company so offers trainees the possibility to develop a sense for which department they would like to work in after passing their final examination. Dr. Schumacher GmbH includes its apprentices into the company as full members and in doing so enables them to learn how to work independently right from the start.

Next to working in various departments, the young men and women join weekly business English lessons and are offered the special opportunity to gain experience in sales outside of the company or in job-related internships in other European countries. Also, they may complete a dual course of study already during or right after their apprenticeship.

During their first days with Dr. Schumacher, the new apprentices participate in trainings and workshops which help them to find their way into the new stage in their life before finally joining the first department they will work for. The project “Wir gewinnt!” (“We win!”) promotes cooperation among the apprentices. It is a one-day outdoor event which helps to strengthen the team spirit of the young people. For 2019, the event took place at a climbing park at Lake Edersee. The aim was to together find solutions to different tasks and to overcome obstacles which required the apprentices to work together as one team.

"Once again, I am proud that we were able to attract committed and convincing school graduates and I am looking forward to accompanying them on their way through our well-founded training into professional practice," says Sara von Garssen, Training & Dual Studies Personnel Officer at Dr. Schumacher GmbH. "It is a rewarding task to support these young people at the start of their new phase of life".