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40 years of excellence  in disinfection, hygiene & care

40 years of excellence in disinfection, 
hygiene & care – Start of anniversary year

Dr. Schumacher GmbH starts in its anniversary year. The company was founded in 1978 by Dr. Henning Schumacher and stands for innovative product solutions in disinfection and hygiene. For example, in the 1980s, we developed the first aldehyde-free disinfectant for the medical market. Since then, the hygiene experts have focussed on products, concepts and services to ensure the highest standard of safety and convenience for the end-user.


"For 40 years, we´ve been protecting staff and patients against infections and contamination with our highly effective, safe and easy to use products. With this claim, we set the industry standards”, says managing director Jens Schumacher. "Our expert advice and sophisticated range of products and services make our customers' day-to-day work easier."


Simply safe and economical at the point of care – now 20 wipes more

In its anniversary year, Dr. Schumacher is launching new products and product developments, beginning with rapid disinfectant wipes. Due to their simple and safe application at the point of care, ready-to-use, rapid disinfectant wipes in convenient flow packs are becoming more and more important. With CLEANISEPT WIPES MAXIDESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES and CLEANISEPT WIPES FORTE MAXI, Dr. Schumacher offers a high-performance product range for the disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces and medical devices in all relevant areas. The wipes offer excellent performance and material compatibility and are especially user-friendly and suitable for each range of efficacy. In terms of handling and safety, our wipes are leading the way.


Additionally, Dr. Schumacher recently increased the number of disinfectant wipes in each flow pack to 100 pieces. Of course, the disinfectant wipes are also classified into the new Dr. Schumacher hygiene levels PREVENT :: PRESERVE :: PROTECT, offering quick orientation to know which wipe should be used in which situation.



Preventative disinfection measures inhibit the spread of pathogens in areas like public corridors, waiting areas or offices.



Hygiene and disinfection in general treatment and ward rooms have higher requirements and focus on the patient´s immediate surroundings. In this context, appropriate disinfection measures with higher efficacy standards are employed.



In isolated areas of medical facilities as well as in outbreak situations, the focus for hygiene is on maximum efficacy with awareness of the requirements in high-risk areas.