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A new formula against Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs)

A new formula against Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs)

Our DECONTAMAN PRE product range for skin and hand decontamination including hygienic, full body washing offers fast and complete efficacy as well as excellent skin compatibility. In order to meet the high standards and requirements of our customers and also their future needs, Dr. Schumacher GmbH has released updated and optimized formulations for the whole range.


Infections in the medical sector caused by multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) pose a serious problem and a high risk for patients. Hygienic whole-body washing of the patients with microbe-reducing products is necessary for the containment of these pathogens. The DECONTAMAN PRE products from Dr. Schumacher GmbH are characterised by their reliable antimicrobial efficacy and are comprehensively effective against bacteria, including multidrug-resistant organisms like MRSA, VRE, ESBLs and other MDRGN bacteria.


DECONTAMAN PRE WASH is suitable for pre-operative body washing and hygienic hand washing in accordance with the VAH guideline as well as for full body decontamination with a short contact time of 30 seconds. Optimal skin compatibility for DECONTAMAN PRE WASH is achieved through a skin-friendly pH value, mild surfactants and lipid refattening agents. Use of the wash lotion can effectively interrupt the hand-to-hand chain of infection in medical and nursing care as well as transmission to food during food preparation. The product is based on 4% chlorhexidine digluconate and does not contain phenols, alcohols, fragrances or colourants. DECONTAMAN PRE WASH is available as a dispenser bottle containing 500 ml and 1 l as well as a 5 l canister.


Our antimicrobial cleaning wipes, DECONTAMAN PRE WIPES, are made of high-quality non-woven fabric and impregnated with a mild disinfectant solution containing 2% chlorhexidine. The ready-to-use wipes offer a gentle, skin-friendly decontamination of the patient without water – no rinsing necessary. A minimal film of active ingredients remains on the skin and provides residual action against bacteria for up to 24 hours. The large format wipes allow not only time-saving and thorough cleaning of the skin when contaminated with MDROs, but are also suitable for pre-operative patient preparation.


The DECONTAMAN PRE CAP, a ready-to-use, antimicrobial washing cap for thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp, is particularly practical for immobile patients, as no rinsing is necessary. It is effective against the full spectrum of bacteria, meaning that it can also be implemented in the scope of whole-body washing in patients contaminated with MDROs. The cap is latex-free, extremely durable and can even be warmed in the microwave in advance if so desired.


DECONTAMAN PRE WIPES and DECONTAMAN PRE CAPS offer bactericidal efficacy as per EN 13727 in 1 minute and yeasticidal efficacy as per EN 13624 in 3 minutes.


The DECONTAMAN products PRE WASH and PRE WIPES will be available from March 2019 and the washing cap, PRE CAP, will become available in the course of the 2nd quarter of 2019.