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BZH 2019: Focus on the patient-oriented environment


BZH 2019: Focus on the patient-oriented environment 


Malsfeld - What is it that defines the patient-oriented environment, which pathogens may a user expect in the daily routine and which are the efficacy spectra to work with? Dr. Schumacher GmbH will be dealing with these and other questions at the Freiburg Infectiology and Hygiene Congress at the Freiburg Concert Hall form October 9 to 11, 2019.


Both the patient-oriented environment and the special requirements towards hygiene and disinfection associated with it are especially important for Dr. Schumacher GmbH. The highly sensitive area of the patient-oriented environment is, on the one hand, about targeted protection and safety, but also, on the other hand, about the requirement to keep the exposure of patients and employees to chemical products as low as possible. This poses a constant challenge to users in clinical and nursing care. Especially the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces should be both safe and effective, yet gentle and easy to handle.


Lunch symposium of Dr. Schumacher GmbH on October 10, 2019

Guided by the motto “Hygiene measures in the patient-oriented environment – the daily balancing act between theory and practice”, experts from different areas will talk about why especially this field is so challenging and which solutions are conceivable. The round table will take place in conference room 9 on Thursday, October 10, from 12:30 to 14:00 and will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Markus Dettenkofer. However, also the audience will be addressed when Dr. Steffen Pahl, Dieter Wieting, Dr. Ines Otto-Karg and Dr. John Paul Fobiwe examine the special challenges of the patient-oriented area.


Meet and exchange with our experts at booth no. 1

The company's experts are looking forward to exchanging knowledge and experience with visitors of the Freiburg Infectious Diseases and Hygiene Congress. Next to other innovative Dr. Schumacher products, experts will present DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE, an alcoholic rapid disinfection based on ethanol, which is especially suitable for use in the patient-oriented environment due to its comprehensive efficacy spectrum (limited virucidal PLUS including bactericide, levurozidia and tuberculocide in only 3 minutes). The innovative formulation based on the Dr. Schumacher PRESERVE level for inpatient and outpatient treatment area is VAH/IHO-listed, shows a high material compatibility due to the low ethanol share of 45g per 100g solution and neither leaves stripes nor visible residues. The products are reliably suited for the gentle disinfection and cleaning of alcohol resistant medical devices, medical inventory and surfaces of all kinds in the washing and spraying process.

DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE products are available in different packaging sizes and applications: Next to products for spraying or wiping, ready-to-use wipes are available for a time-saving and comfortable disinfection. Wipes in a resealable flowpack are immediately ready to use just after opening the pack and so offer a maximum in time saving. In combination with an economical disposable disinfection wipe system, disinfection solutions complement the Dr. Schumacher product range and offer a maximum in flexibility, simplicity and safety in use.


Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.