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Company’s 40th anniversary celebrated at MEDICA

Company’s 40th anniversary celebrated at MEDICA

At MEDICA 2018, the world forum for medicine in Düsseldorf, Dr. Schumacher celebrated 40 years of experience, partnership, expert advice and innovative hygiene products.

The event’s hosts visited the Dr. Schumacher exhibition stand in person: the Düsseldorf trade fair organiser congratulated the company on its special 40-year anniversary. After all, there aren’t many companies that have continuously and consistently dazzled the healthcare market with innovative products for as long as we have.

“We were the first ones to produce aldehyde-free instrument disinfectants and develop low-concentration formulas. In the late seventies and early eighties, this represented a major step forward in the use of dangerous substances”, explained Dierk Schumacher. “We have also managed to maintain our success by always adapting to different customers and applications and by quickly turning our ideas into marketable products”. Thanks to its predominately international audience, the Medica fair is the perfect platform to present new product developments and concepts, such as our hygiene architect. International growth plays an important role at Dr. Schumacher.

In a video interview, the three Managing Directors, brothers Dierk and Jens Schumacher and Michael Aupke, discussed milestones in the company’s history, their many years of cooperation with Medica as well as the concept of simplifying Dr. Schumacher hygiene levels and clearly illustrating safe hygiene practices. The PREVENT::PRESERVE::PROTECT hygiene level offers simplicity, transparency, safety and a systematic approach to all hygiene measures – for any requirement in all areas of application. With regard to daily routine in particular, this concept reduces complexity, raises compliance and increases safety for employees and patients alike.