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DGSV Congress 2019: THERMOSHIELD product family

DGSV Congress 2019: THERMOSHIELD product family optimizes mechanical instrument reprocessing


Malsfeld - For the 23rd DGSV Congress in Fulda, Dr. Schumacher GmbH will present the innovative product family THERMOSHIELD for mechanical instrument reprocessing, which supports specialists in the processing of medical devices with material-friendly and simple product solutions.


The processing unit for medical devices, in Germany called AEMP for short, is considered the heart of the hospital by many. Without a continuous and professional reprocessing of instruments, daily routines and processes in a hospital complex may quickly come to a standstill. Furthermore, the risk of an infection during an operation can increase for both patients and operating doctors and staff. The THERMOSHIELD product family covers the process of instrument reprocessing from cleansing through neutralization to rinsing.


With THERMOSHIELD BASIX, Dr. Schumacher presents a classic high-alkaline cleaner for mechanical instrument reprocessing in washer-disinfectors. Based on a pH value of more than 10 when in application concentration, THERMOSHIELD BASIX is especially suitable for the cleansing of glassware and in the dental sector. It is available in 5 L flat canisters and 10 L high canisters.

New to the product family and a real innovation: THERMOSHIELD XTREM. The mildly alkaline, enzymatic cleaner for mechanical reprocessing shows an excellent cleansing performance and removes organic substances like proteins, blood, tissue residues or fats without leaving any residues.

Due to a very good run-off behavior and its mild alkalinity, THERMOSHIELD XTREME works highly efficient when used with appropriate water quality by achieving optimum results in the mechanical process. Even without any additional neutralization steps. Specialists who work in respective departments so become able to further improve internal time processes. The innovative enzyme and surfactant combination furthermore shows a versatile usability – its application scope ranges from the manual pre-cleansing in an ultrasonic bath to the reprocessing of Endowrist® instruments for DaVinci operating systems and so even meets highest demands in the mechanical preparation process. THERMOSHIELD XTREME is available in 5 L flat canisters, 10 L high canisters and 200 L drum tainers.


The two neutralizing agents THERMOSHIELD C and THERMOSHIELD P support the two cleaners. THERMOSHIELD C, based on citric acid, is optimized by an acid pH value for both the preparation and neutralization of medical products which have already gone through alkaline cleansing. The gentle neutralizer removes inorganic deposits and limescale residues – even in cleaning and disinfection devices. THERMOSHIELD P, on the other hand, which is based on the more intense phosphoric acid, is, in addition to the pure neutralization after alkaline cleansing processes, also suitable for cleaning older or frequently used instruments. Thus, the neutralizer works highly efficient when it increases the service life of medical instruments. Both neutralizing agents are available in 5 L flat canisters.


THERMOSHIELD SHINE, the latest member of the product family is used in the final rinsing of the reprocessing process. The liquid concentrate serves as a rinse aid in cleansing and disinfection devices and thermal disinfectors and is used in the reprocessing of medical instruments and medical devices. Due to an acid pH value, THERMOSHIELD SHINE prevents the formation of deposits and water stains during trying and so saves time in the cleansing process. It is available in a 1-litre bottle.


The whole THERMOSHIELD product family will be presented from October 2 to 4, 2019, at the congress of the German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV in German) in the Kultur- and Kongresszentrum Esperanto in Fulda. Additionally, Dr. Schumacher GmbH is pleased to give a first preview of PERFEKTAN DUO EFFECT, a pioneering product for the cleansing of HF-instruments and cauter electrodes. As a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative products for disinfection, hygiene, cleaning, care and cosmetics for medical applications and end consumers, Dr. Schumacher GmbH sees a chance in trade fairs to exchange with both users and clinical specialists. Those who are interested parties are invited to contact our consultants at booth C16.