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Disinfection and Hygiene Made Safe and Simple

Disinfection and Hygiene Made Safe and Simple

Disinfection plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of infections. It forms the basis of hygiene in all areas – hand disinfection, surface disinfection and instrument reprocessing.


There is an overwhelming number of regulations, directives and recommendations for hygiene measures worldwide that often contradict each other and make it difficult for users to find the practical information about necessary measures. Hand disinfection is currently the focus of hygiene measures. However, hygiene must be considered holistically and all disinfection measures should be considered equal. It is essential to prevent all possible ways of transmitting germs and infections in order to reduce infection risks as much as possible.


What the end users need is an orientation system and clear instructions for each respective case. Or – as one hygienist said: "Hygiene only has a chance if it is practicable. We need simple and secure solutions that are intuitive to use.” Convenience is the goal.


The Dr. Schumacher Hygiene level PREVENT :: PRESERVE :: PROTECT® presents a new concept, which places the user and patient as the main focus.



Preventive disinfection measures help prevent the spread of pathogens in general areas such as waiting rooms, corridors or offices.



In the inpatient and outpatient treatment areas, the risk of infection increases due to a variety of influences. Suitable disinfection with increased efficacy requirements, preserve the health of the staff and protect patients against further negative influences.



In isolated areas of medical facilities as well as in outbreak situations, the focus of hygiene is on maximizing efficacy in protecting people's health and lives.


To make it as easy as possible for the users, Dr. Schumacher GmbH products are colour-coded for the corresponding hygiene level. This makes it clear which product is required in each application. The hygiene levels are individually assigned with the customer for their facility and according to their needs. Special attention is paid to the balance between economics and efficiency, as well as effectiveness and user and patient safety.


"You can really see, that the end users are in focus," was the credo of trade visitors at a renowned trade congresses and other leading trade fairs who were introduced to the new concept. "This is the nicest compliment we can get," says Jens Schumacher, “because the consistent integration of the needs of the users has proven to be the best basis for the hygiene standards, PREVENT :: PRESERVE :: PROTECT.”


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Photo: Dr. Schumacher Hygienelevels, Medica 2017 (Philip Kistner)