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Excellent material compatibility

Excellent material compatibility and maximum prevention in the routine disinfection of near-patient surfaces

The focus of any healthcare facility must always be on patients and their recovery. Cleaning and disinfection plays an essential role in this respect – it should be easy, safe, and efficient and give the user more time to devote to patients and their health. Some pathogens can survive on surfaces for months and can be transmitted to humans through hand contact or dust. This makes surface disinfection an important aspect of infection prevention. 


Dr. Schumacher is adding a new product to the range of effective rapid surface disinfectants: DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE, a liquid, ready-to-use, alcohol-based disinfectant. For gentle disinfection and cleaning, alcohol-resistant medical devices, medical inventory, and surfaces of any kind can be sprayed or wiped down with the ethanol-based agent. 


The rapid disinfectant is ideal for use on near-patient surfaces, which require broad-spectrum efficacy and rapid effectiveness. The product is VAH and IHO listed, offers excellent material compatibility, and does not leave streaks. The recommended application for surface disinfection includes limited-spectrum virucidal activity, including bactericidal and levurocidal efficacy at a contact time of 3 minutes; at the same contact time, the product can additionally be used for tuberculocidal surface disinfection. DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE in Dr.  Schumacher’s PRESERVE hygiene level will be available in four different types of containers starting in Q1 2019: 750 mL spray bottle, 1L bottle, 5L canister, and 10L canister – whether as a spray bottle, ready-to-use solution, the proven DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES in the practical Flowpack, or in the economical ONE SYSTEM disposable non-woven wipe dispenser system. In the Dr. Schumacher ONE SYSTEM non-woven wipe dispenser systems, DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE can contribute to the economical use of surface disinfectant with a pre-saturation time of only 15 minutes and a standing time of 42 days instead of the 28 days typical for many products on the market. The green colour code of the PRESERVE hygiene level ensures the intuitive use of these DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE products, enabling appropriate disinfection for any situation: easy, safe, proven, and economical.