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Girls' and Boys' Day 2018:  Hands-on hygiene

Girls' and Boys' Day 2018: Hands-on hygiene

For many years, Dr. Schumacher GmbH has been involved with Girls' Day campaign to inspire girls to work in the chemical industry. This year, boys‘ requests increased so much that we decided to host a joint Girls' and Boys' Day.


On April 26, six teenagers spent an exciting day at the Dr. Schumacher headquarter in Malsfeld, Germany. They were accompanied by our apprentices, who gave them insights into the tasks and responsibilities of the different apprenticed professions. After a tour through various departments and the production, the highlight of the day followed: Under guidance, the students produced their own recipe for a washing lotion in the laboratory. Of course they were allowed to take the products home.


"It was a great day for all participants. The teenagers now have a better idea of ​​how working life at Dr. Schumacher looks like and which items are being produced. On the other hand, it was an exciting task for our trainees to accompany the students and explain their workplace," says Sara von Garssen, Personnel Officer Education & Dual Studies at Dr. Schumacher GmbH.


In the coming year we will also offer places for interested girls and boys. More information: