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Practical companion – disinfection and hygiene to go

Practical companion: disinfection and hygiene to go

In a more and more mobile society, we face new challenges of possible infection risks every day. Whether business trip, weekend trip or vacation –  nobody likes to make compromises when it comes to hygiene.


Great if you are able to protect yourself. Because hygiene is now your travel mate. Disinfectants or wipes ‚to go‘ are very convenient in hygiene-critical situations like in public areas – in the train, at the airport or on rest stops – or in private situation like a family trip.


There are practical solutions for every situation: Skin and facial cleaning wipes in cases where no water is available. The little ones' sticky fingers are cleaned quickly and the car stays clean. For hygienically critical situations and places hand and surface disinfectants are ideal companions.


On the one hand the focus is on safe and convenient application. In addition handy formats offer the perfect solution for hand luggage restrictions, which apply to air traffic, but also to sports and cultural events. For hand cleaning and disinfection, gels are available in handy 50 ml bottles. Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes in minipacks are suitable for critical surfaces. They fit in any handbag and disinfect door handles, headrests, shelves or toilet seats in a blink of an eye. The convenient packaging sizes are ideal for takeaway and meet the general requirements for carry-on luggage.