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Reliable in high-risk areas

Reliable in high-risk areas – 
Dr. Schumacher launches ASEPTOMAN® FORTE

As part of the MEDICA, the leading international trade fair for the medical industry in Düsseldorf, Dr. Schumacher, the hygiene experts, will be launching the product ASEPTOMAN® FORTE as part of its 40th anniversary celebration.  Current hygiene trends, innovative products as well as the Dr. Schumacher hygiene levels as a user-friendly orientation system will also be presented during the fair. Look for

Dr. Schumacher GmbH at exhibition stand in hall 6, 6H20.


Simplicity and transparency are the foundation the practical concept is based on. By using systematic hygiene applications users reach the maximum required efficacy in respect to the possible risk at each level. This leads to economic and labour efficiency. Dr. Schumacher GmbH has developed a new product to join the ASEPTOMAN® family that is specifically for routine hand disinfection in high-risk areas as well as outbreak situations. It offers a broad spectrum of efficacy, yet is still very gentle to the skin: 


‘In a collaboration with our users, we have enhanced the ASEPTOMAN® family with a new product and now offer a full range of products for use as part of routine and surgical hand disinfection and in outbreak situations,’

said Jens Schumacher, managing director of Dr. Schumacher GmbH.  


ASEPTOMAN® FORTE is a virucidal, ethanol-based hand disinfectant. A carefully balanced mixture of highly concentrated ethanol, emollients and lipid replenishers without fragrances and dyes ensures optimal safety and compatibility, even for sensitive users. As part of hygienic hand disinfection, ASEPTOMAN® FORTE is broadly effective against noroviruses*, adenoviruses, rotaviruses and polioviruses, the most common causes of virus-related outbreaks, thanks to its highly effective formulation with 85% ethanol and is therefore ideally suited for use throughout the year.

ASEPTOMAN® FORTE’ s proven lipid-replenishing system demonstrably increases skin moisture, nourishes the skin and is especially gentle to the skin. ASEPTOMAN® FORTE creates a subjectively pleasant feeling on the skin: instead of the dry ‘dull’ feeling typical for ethanol when rubbed into the skin, it leaves behind a ‘nourished feeling’. The rapid drying and the silky smooth feeling of the skin allow gloves to be donned easily.


ASEPTOMAN® FORTE in the Dr. Schumacher PROTECT hygiene level will be available on the market starting October 1st, 2018 in the sizes 100 ml 500 ml and 1000 ml.


To implement an effective hygiene concept in the medical sector, systematic hand disinfection is an essential foundation. We support our customers in this regard with easily applicable, safe and well tolerated products, categorized using our

Dr. Schumacher hygiene levels.


Dr. Schumacher hygiene levels