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Supplying healthcare facilities takes priority

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Supplying healthcare facilities takes priority

Hospital are currently preparing for a dramatic increase in COVID-19 patients. To guarantee the protection of patients and staff despite rising case numbers, it is essential that healthcare facilities are supplied with effective disinfectants. For this reason, Dr. Schumacher has been delivering exclusively to hospitals, care homes and independent medical practices for a month now.


Employee commitment makes three-shift pattern possible

So that Dr. Schumacher can continue to fulfil this task, despite a dramatic increase in demand, the company has significantly expanded production. Switching to a three-shift pattern with continuous 6-day production has made additional capacity available. The introduction of the three-shift pattern is an important step towards ensuring security of supply.

The consistently high commitment of our workforce made the expansion in capacity possible. Employees from other departments have volunteered to bottle hand disinfectant in the production process

explains Managing Director Jens Schumacher.


The exceptional deployment of the whole workforce, particularly of the production staff, made the manufacture of the urgently needed disinfectant products possible. And so that Dr. Schumacher employees are protected as effectively as possible, the company has initiated a high number of preventative safety measures. These include the introduction of behavioural rules. At shift changes, organisational and spatial changes provide for the safety of production workers.


Early expansion of production

An increased demand for disinfectants was evident as early as January this year. This was when Dr. Schumacher started its efforts to expand capacity. Production was expanded by working at weekends and by employing additional machines. This early adjustment made it possible to more than double disinfectant manufacture compared to previous years.


Ensuring that raw materials are available

At the present time, Dr. Schumacher is able to guarantee the increased quantities agreed for its healthcare customers for the next three months. However, there are currently market shortages of the raw materials ethanol and isopropanol, which are important for the manufacture of disinfectants. Dr. Schumacher is in close communication with suppliers, authorities, associations and the German Ministry for Health to ensure that the essential raw materials are available in the future as well.