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Tattoomenta 2019 – Protecting people’s health in all areas

Tattoomenta 2019 – Protecting people’s health in all areas


Malsfeld/Kassel – The treatment begins. All instruments are well prepared, skin is disinfected, possibly occurring risks and side effects have thoroughly been discussed, it hurts a little. What sounds like an outpatient procedure in the doctor's office also describes the tattooing of a new motif or the stinging of a new piercing. What becomes clear: whether in the doctor's office or in the piercing studio, professional and efficient disinfection of surfaces, skin and instruments is indispensable in minimally invasive procedures.


In areas related to hospitals and clinics, such as doctors' practices, emergency services or nursing homes, in which minimally invasive procedures may occur daily, personnel is well aware of detailed disinfection plans and defined hygiene measures and know them by heart. The segment of tattoo and piercing studios, however, where minimally invasive procedures occur regularly, has not or only insufficiently been educated, according to expert opinion. The point here is that there is an infection risk with every treatment that injures the uppermost skin layer, independently from whether this talks place at the family doctor the tattoo and piercing studio. Germs and infections, for example, can be transmitted by an improper preparation of instruments or the lack of disinfection of the surfaces and skin. These can then easily hinder the healing process of the tattoo or piercing and can infect the wound. In addition, the transmission of dangerous viruses like HIV or hepatitis are possible.


Being an expert for hygiene, Dr. Schumacher GmbH has made it its priority to not only protect people's health, but to also be a partner to users in their daily work. Next to to trainings on legal requirements and on how to do a professional disinfection, the company focuses on products which are safe and easy to use. At the twelfth Tattoomenta in the documenta hall in Kassel on November 30 and December 1, 2019, Dr. Schumacher experts will therefore be on site to in a direct exchange inform users about possible risks and to present Dr. Schumacher solutions. These are for example ASEPTOMAN MED, DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE and PERFEKTAN NEU, three user-friendly products for disinfecting skin, surfaces and instruments.


One day before the start of the Tattoomenta already, Dr. Schumacher GmbH will offer the training "Hygenisch sicher stechen" (“Hygienically safe piercing and tattooing”) for commercial tattooists and piercers. In about 90 minutes, an expert of the EQmed, a company of the Dr. Schumacher group, will present legal guidelines and current requirements for tattoo and piercing studios and will offer practical explanations and tips of how these can be realized in everyday life both safe and user-friendly. Next to disinfection measures for workplaces, the expert will pay a special focus to the most important pathogens and especially to their transmission pathways.


Dr. Schumacher GmbH considers it an important contribution for protecting the health of people in as many areas of life as possible when educating and supporting market segments that do not fall within the classical medical field.