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An in-house logistics division means that Dr. Schumacher can guarantee optimised control of all logistical process from receipt of goods through to product availability in accordance with requirements. All processes are controlled and monitored centrally using a SAP EWM system to achieve this.


Our factory in Malsfeld has modern high-bay storage facilities over an area of about 1,500m² that are designed for storing hazardous materials of all classes. The facility has a storage capacity of about 4,500 spaces which can be expanded to about 10,000 spaces.

For primary and secondary packaging materials, we also have a warehouse with about 750 spaces over a total area of about 500m² that is currently being expanded. In the production area there are about 100 spaces for storing chemical raw materials and a number of storage tanks for liquid raw materials and semi-finished goods.


Over a warehouse area totalling about 21,000 m², our factory in Lubań, Poland, has about 12,500 m² space for block storage of nonwoven material and other raw components as well as a finished goods warehouse with ultra-modern bay technology and about 30,000 pallet spaces. This can be expanded to 50,000 spaces.


Whether for customer-specific operations or project-related distribution requirements, our experts prepare tailored solutions to meet our customers’ wishes. Goods are dispatched by all routes (land, air, sea) nationally and internationally either as packages, general cargo or partial or complete loads by carriers with whom we have established long-term partnerships. This means any market around the world can be specifically and rapidly supplied with goods.


The outstanding infrastructure in the heart of Germany and Europe makes it the ideal location for our logistics centre, ensuring our customers are optimally supplied with goods. We can access almost any location in Germany and many regions in Europe in a relatively short time.