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We package your products efficiently so that you can successfully sell them.

For private-label products, the packaging is usually the only promotional tool. Our packaging development has tailored solutions for you: from consultation and concept to artwork and supply chain management. This enables us to provide you with innovative design options to give you a range of different suggestions for your individual packaging design that combine functionality and marketing tools. GMP-compliant production of our packaging ensures both high quality and cost effectiveness.


Packaging options

Depending on the type of product and requirement, our products can be packaged in flowpacks, sachets, bottles, tubes, tins or jars. Pop-up lids with membrane technology or dispenser boxes complete our product range. They eliminate the troublesome and ungygienic task of pushing a wipe back in and prevent the wipes from drying out.


We have a wide range of tested primary packaging options available for your disinfection and hygiene products. They are also available with innovative and user-friendly dosage aids. Intelligent colour coding of packaging for different applications makes it easier to classify products for these sensitive areas.


Wide range of films

Again, we offer you a wide range of materials in this area and it is always important to select the right film as well as the desired feel and appearance for the particular product. We can handle every type of material: from PET/PE, matt OPP/PE, matt PET/PE, PET/ALU/PE and paper/PE/Alu/PE to special films with a barrier layer. Films are printed using all standard processes – based on the technical feasibility and the specific wishes of the customer. Naturally, resealable labels are also offered, depending on the type of film. The crucial factor is optimised functionality.