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At our headquarters in Malsfeld, disinfectant and cleaning agents are developed and manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines, ISO 9001/EN 13485, DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as cosmetic GMP regulations. Our modern filling plants also safeguard the high quality standard of our products, which also enables partial production of impregnation liquids for our wipe products at this site.


Our factory has a separate area for preparing alcoholic products used in the manufacture of disinfection and hygiene products. Impregnating solutions with a high alcohol content can also be processed at this site in compliance with legal provisions for protection against fire and explosion.


Our central location in Germany and Europe means that we can flexibly coordinate transport of our goods in every direction. The region’s ideal transport infrastructure with numerous motorway connections in both north-south and east-west directions ensures a fast supply of raw materials, excipients and operating materials for our production.


Our new ultra-modern production centre in Lubań, Poland, sets new standards in the production of ready-to-use wipes. The plant buildings, which opened early in 2016, cover an area of 50,000 m², making it one of the largest wet-wipe factories in Europe. More than 63 different production lines are available for the production of dry and wet wipes, masks and pads. Our range comprises a diversity of products for baby care, cosmetics, personal hygiene, household hygiene, cleaning and disinfection.


Up to 500 million packs a year can be produced in the factory. The production processes are state of the art and are constantly being reviewed and refined by our in-house mechanical engineers. We can provide additional machine capacity as required at short notice or adapt existing facilities individually to the desired product requirements. We can also create additional capacity in a relatively short time so that newly developed products can also be rapidly placed on the market. Reliable and transparent control of all processes using SAP enables output of more than 1,500 pallets a day.