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Quality assurance

Top level quality management is an essential requirement for manufacturing successful products with a consistently high level of quality.

Depending on the specific product requirements we guarantee production that complies with the cosmetic product and biocidal product ordinances, the Medical Devices Directive, the German Medicinal Products Act or GMP regulations.

Our extensively certified management systems guarantee consistent, high product quality. Leading manufacturers of branded articles with an international market presence are also impressed by our quality standards.


When carrying out new developments, we always pay attention to close coordination with all interfaces within the company. After all, it is only thanks to the perfect interaction between active substances, wipe folding and impregnating solution that an impressive product can be made. Ongoing quality controls at all stages of production along with extensive dermatological tests and stability investigations and expert confirmation of effectiveness guarantee products that meet the specific requirements of our customers while of course complying with all legal regulations.


As a leading manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products, Dr. Schumacher has its own medical and scientific division which safeguards the marketability of your products right from product development. Our experts are familiar with the legal aspects of placing products on the market, which means we can offer wet wipes with antibacterial and disinfectant action along with highly effective formulations for disinfection and cleaning agents. Our collaboration with accredited laboratories guarantees outstanding quality and compliance with national and international requirements for product-specific effectiveness.