Hand disinfection

Our No. 1 for daily hygiene


ASEPTOMAN® MED is our No. 1 choice for everyday challenges in hospitals, medical practices and care facilities. Thousands of users trust our product promise. The alcohol-based hand disinfectant has a limited virucidal PLUS effect within 30 seconds and is effective against noro-, adeno- and rotaviruses. At the same time, ASEPTOMAN MED has excellent skin compatibility thanks to its moisturizing emollients. It contains no unnecessary additives and has always been free of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAV/Quats).

Surface disinfection

The right solution: ULTRASOL OXY®


With the ULTRASOL OXY® family, Dr. Schumacher offers an outstanding and innovative product range based on the active ingredients peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. In addition to sporicidal activity, the products have a very broad spectrum of activity. This applies to both routine and outbreak situations. The exceptional material compatibility and the extremely short application times guarantee particularly high efficiency and user-friendliness. With this sustainable solution, Dr. Schumacher meets the highest hygiene and environmental standards.