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Disinfection and cleaning specialist

For almost 40 years, we have been providing our business partners with our expertise as a specialist in disinfectants and cleaning agents for all medical fields. We are happy to put our experience to work for you in developing new product ideas.

Using the latest technology and processes, we produce products for a wide range of applications. These include disinfection, cleaning and care products, all of which are developed with a special focus on user-friendliness and safety. In addition to the traditional medical fields, our products are also used in the food industry, occupational safety, veterinary and industrial sectors.

As one of Europe's largest manufacturers of impregnated and dry wiping systems, we can also provide you with flexible and customized solutions in this area. We offer a broad and innovative product range that meets all current market requirements and legal regulations.

We are happy to help you develop new business opportunities by expanding your portfolio. Our services range from consulting to delivery to your warehouse, depending on your needs.

Contact us and benefit from our decades of experience.

Consulting International

Private Label - Be successful with your product

For more than 40 years, Dr. Schumacher has been a sought-after manufacturer of private label and white label products. In addition to its own products for disinfection and hygiene, Dr. Schumacher is a successful manufacturer of private label cosmetics. For years, customers have relied on the company's high quality and individual service. In addition to private label cosmetics and personal care products, Dr. Schumacher also manufactures white label cosmetics.

Private Label

At Dr. Schumacher, we see private label as a full-service offering for our customers. From the initial product idea to design and distribution under our own brand, we support our private label partners intensively in joint discussions. Our private label customers rely on our decades of experience in quality. As a private label manufacturer, we know what your new product needs to be successful.

The choice is yours: White Label or Private Label

Our White Label division offers a wide range of white label products. With Private Label, we build on these and customize them according to your ideas and the needs of your customers. From joint product development, production and packaging to final delivery, we are at your side. 

Our portfolio of white label and private label products includes skin care creams and disinfectants as well as numerous hygiene products and wipes. With your own brand, you benefit from our expertise as a hygiene specialist. 

Our private label cosmetic products have a lot to offer: they nourish, revitalize, cleanse, soothe and are skin-compatible. For our wiping products, we use a wide range of nonwoven materials: from heavy-duty wipes to nonwovens made from 100% renewable resources. Our formulations are dermatologically tested and are ideal for use on the skin. With our range of private label and white label products, you can find the right cosmetic product for your customers.

Your brand benefits from our experience as a supplier and in manufacturing

As a private label manufacturer, we understand the importance of a high quality and distinctive brand. With our cosmetic white label products, you can make your private label successful. In manufacturing and private labeling, we bring many years of experience in the medical and health sector. As a manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products, our company has received numerous expert opinions, certifications and approvals. We promise you the highest quality in the production of your private label products and your brand.