1,600 Employees, 8 Countries: Disinfection & Hygiene for All

Dr. Schumacher

Global presence: Dr. Schumacher protects health worldwide

With more than 1,600 employees in eight countries, we work every day to make disinfection and hygiene easy for everyone, everywhere. In cooperation with more than 70 distributors worldwide, we have been driven by a common goal from the very beginning: We protect your health!

Malsfeld Beiseförth

From the company's headquarters in Malsfeld-Beiseförth, Germany, we bring our products to the users who need them. From here, Dr. Schumacher manufactures its own disinfectants and solutions as well as other liquid hygiene and cleaning products. The head office is home to the management, commercial administration, research & development, production and logistics departments.


The largest production facility for dry and wet wipes or wipe systems is located in Lublin, Poland. On a production area of more than 60,000 m², wipes for disinfection, hygiene, care, household, baby care and cosmetics are manufactured. Almost 1,000 people work here every day.

Other locations
Turkey, India and Portugal

With the help of newly established production lines in Izmir (Turkey) and Pune (India), we can respond quickly and easily to specific customer requests from neighboring countries. With consistent quality testing, we work with our colleagues to ensure that Dr. Schumacher products meet the same standards worldwide.

The family-owned company also has sales offices in Portugal, Jordan, Switzerland and Austria. From here we serve our customers worldwide and contribute to Dr. Schumacher's international contribution to safe disinfection.