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Focus on your health: Dr. Schumacher private labels for every area of life

At Dr. Schumacher, we put people and their health at the center of everything we do. And we have been doing so for more than 40 years. Our products support users in the medical field with safe disinfection and hygiene. Together with our customers, we share the same goal: to protect people's health.

Medical Disinfection and Hygiene Products
Effective disinfection and hygiene should not depend solely on the expertise of the user. When we develop our products, we focus on ease of use and reliability. We produce safe disinfectants that can be used quickly and easily by anyone. At the same time, we never compromise on ingredient quality or efficacy.

Safety and quality for healthcare professionals
Our medical disinfectants and hygiene products address the daily challenges of healthcare professionals. From hand and skin disinfection to surface disinfection and reprocessing of medical instruments, protecting the health of patients and users is our top priority.

Quality disinfectants for everyday use
We pass on this promise, the high quality of our products and their ease of use to our customers and users in the non-medical sector. With Dr. Schumacher Professional@home we bring high quality disinfection products into everyday life and into the home. Effective hygiene is no longer limited to hospitals and care facilities, but can also be felt in everyday challenges.

Cleaning and care products for respiratory and diving equipment
For rescue and emergency services, we offer EW80, one of the most internationally recognized cleaning and care products in our range. The EW80 range helps firefighters, police and rescue workers to hygienically clean and sanitize their respiratory equipment. Divers - both professional and recreational - also use EW80 to keep their scuba equipment in perfect condition.

Our promise

Protecting your health in every aspect of your life

All of our products are easy to use and high quality. Our mission is to make hygiene accessible and safe in all areas of life. Our promise applies to all areas: We protect your health!