Description for the complaint procedure
under the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz - LkSG).


The complaints procedure in accordance with the LkSG can be used by individuals to report human rights and environmental risks and breaches of duty that have arisen as a result of Dr. Schumacher GmbH's actions in its own business area or in the area of a direct supplier and that are in conflict with our principles for the protection of human and environmental rights.

As an early warning system, the procedure is a component of risk management and an important instrument for identifying and remedying risks and violations or avoiding them in advance.

Complaint channels:

Complaints can be submitted in the following ways:

Course of the complaint procedure:

  1. Receipt of the complaint: The Corp. Comm. department receives the complaint and documents its receipt.
  2. Acknowledgement: The person submitting the complaint receives an acknowledgement of receipt, with which he/she is also offered a further discussion of the facts.
  3. Clarification of the facts: The facts are discussed with the responsible authorities by appropriate means (by telephone, in writing or in person). If the facts are not substantiated, the examination ends and the submitting person is informed accordingly.
  4. Follow-up measures: If the facts are substantiated, follow-up measures are defined and followed up by the responsible department. The submitting person is informed of the completion of the measures via the Corp. Comm. department.
  5. Effectiveness review: The effectiveness review is carried out regularly (at least once a year).

Data protection:

The general rules of data protection law apply.