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Specialty products for veterinary and livestock applications

Veterinary Facilities

Special hygiene solutions for veterinary medicine

Based on our extensive experience and know-how in the development and production of disinfectants for human medicine, we have developed our own product lines of disinfectants and sanitizers for these two areas. In doing so, our experts have taken into account the special requirements and needs for hygiene in the veterinary field. We place particular emphasis on the quality, efficacy, practicality and economy of our products. Extensive tests and inspections by external, independent institutes guarantee that the products are not only effective, but also compatible with humans, animals and the environment.

Veterinary Hygiene

For veterinary practices and clinics, we offer specialized hygiene and disinfection products for skin and hands, instruments and surfaces. Thanks to a quality management system that has been audited several times and comprehensive inspections and tests - also by external, independent institutes - they meet the highest standards. In cooperation with our distribution partner, we also offer qualified training courses and seminars on topics such as disinfection plans, optimal quality and hygiene management, and application technology.

Hygiene measures in veterinary practices and clinics

In practice, pathogens that are invisible to the naked eye may be present on the surfaces being treated. Many of these pathogens remain infectious on surfaces for up to several months. If the contaminated surfaces are touched with the hands, transmission to other people or animals and surfaces is possible. Therefore, surfaces contaminated with pathogens must be cleaned and disinfected to protect them from infection. The disinfectants used for this purpose contain both soil-dissolving substances and antimicrobial agents. Surfaces must be disinfected with a disinfectant that is appropriate for the risk situation. In addition to the required spectrum of activity, criteria such as material compatibility, exposure time, odor, user comfort and application method must also be taken into account when selecting a product.

Ensure hygiene safety in the practice

Most germs are transmitted by the hands. Therefore, hand hygiene is the most effective protection against infection. For the veterinarian and other veterinary staff, hand hygiene includes not only hand disinfection, but also gentle cleaning and consistent skin protection and care. During hygienic disinfection, the hands must be completely moistened with an alcohol-based rub. This is the only way to reliably eliminate potential pathogens on the hands. Medical devices can also be contaminated with pathogens and cause infections in animals and personnel. To protect against infection, medical devices must be carefully reprocessed before reuse. Cleaning and disinfection of instruments used during treatment is also necessary to ensure hygienic practice.

Exclusive distribution

Our products for cleaning and disinfection in veterinary medicine are available exclusively from our distribution partner: Wirtschaftsgenossenschaft Deutscher Tierärzte (WDT).